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3 Year Somatology with 9 years of experience

I am a Somatology’s living in Ballito for 6 ½ years.  Work in varies 5 star spas, which includes the cruise liner – Royal Caribbean.  I have my own Health and Beauty salon in Ballito for over a year and my main goal is to educate every single client about their health and beauty.  A beautiful skin means it is a healthy skin.  A thorough skin consultation is being done with every client, so we can find out where the problems started and why it occurs and how we at Beyond Beauty can treat your needs with the help of Dr. Baumann and Lillian Terry. 


Beyond Beauty was establish in September 2011 and I knew before I opened the salon in which direction I want the salon to go.  Not so much “green” cause the paint and the towels and the floors aren’t from an organic origin.  But our face and body products were the most important tool I had to have, because your skin is the largest organ in your body, and because we use between 13-16 products on our bodies every single day.   I had to make sure that it was Bionome -  No chemical preservatives, no mineral oils, no perfume, no colorants, no extra box packaging and no animal testing.  Beyond Beauty chose Dr. Baumann and Lillian Terry as the two main products to work with, Lillian Terry an aroma- homeopathic product and Dr. Baumann a complete Bionome product.  We have 3 treatment rooms, one is a double room for couples or friends, a bathroom with a shower for body treatments and a tranquil reception area with all the information provided while you wait for your treatments. 












2007 PETAs progress award